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I am HexersHax! From a small town and my favorite games currently are GTA V and Diablo 3! I currently am a modder for GTA V on PC and PS3. I’m not always on because I have a growing family which obviously takes precedence over video games. But I am a #TechKnowNut so you can always reach my through this site. If you need anything don’t be afraid to ask. If I am not available please go to my trusted admins and moderators. Have fun and enjoy!

About us

  • Modding is now the go to for cheating in video games. Got a game you want to cheat in but can’t find a menu? That’s where we come in. We browse the internet for mod menus for games you request and put them up here, making this your first stop for mod menus for your video games! We work diligently on finding what you ask for, and if we can’t find it, it may not exist.

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